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Founded in 2015 by a team of five multinational music enthusiasts in Dubai, Decibel DXB is a strong believer in high-energy dance music, which the United Arab Emirates has been missing for a very long time. The main purpose behind the brand is creating an environment where the masses are converted into serious audiences that dance to rising talents from around the globe helping them build new memories, new relationships and a bigger repertoire of DJs to follow.


Decibel DXB strives to introduce artists of whom we find special in their unique delivery, with the intent of educating the United Arab Emirates and Middle East populace of what is out there in the world. Our focus on music derives solely from the rave culture; where fast paced, high energy sounds are and will always be part of dance music culture.

Decibel DXB aims to broaden the horizon of Electronic Dance Music in the region. All our seasons lineups are first time bookings to the UAE and most of the time we achieve a regional Middle Eastern debut with our bookings inspiring our neighbors to follow suit and widening all our artists fan base.


Decibel DXB is very happy to have itself and both its resident DJs affiliated with the regional debut of most “ElRow” DJs, “D-Unity” and “Charlotte de Witte” just to name a few…

Decibel DXB is also working on breaking the gender barrier of Male DJs to Female DJs, which we have successfully achieved especially in our third season; which brought 4 female regional debuts to this part of the world.


Decibel DXB is always looking for new ways to contribute to the scene in the region and worldwide. We are open to new opportunities, partnerships, collaborations… as long as it helps spread the love we have for the Decibel DXB sound and atmosphere.

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